what a difference a restored smile makes

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Get your beautiful smile back!

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We love restoring our clients’ smiles

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Delton Denture Clinic Edmonton | Denturist Gino Borelli

Get your beautiful smile back!

Ill fitting, discoloured and uncomfortable dentures can make life miserable and damage your enjoyment of life. Even more seriously, they can lead to health problems such as joint and jaw disorders as well as causing wrinkles around the mouth that can make you look older than you are. If you suffer from sore gums, difficulty in chewing, headaches, or even neck and ear pain your dentures may be the cause. If you have these problems and they are effecting your willingness to socialize or your ability to enjoy eating why not let Delton Denture Clinic bring the smiles back into your life.


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We take great care to use the best quality materials to make dentures that fit correctly for each individual. Our dedicated and friendly staff will do everything they can to ensure your treatment is as comfortable as possible. To restore your self confidence and your appetite for food, socializing and a healthy lifestyle why not contact us to talk through how we can help you.

We love restoring our patients’ smiles


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